About us


At ADOSUM, the company of two »looking for a better world« women, we help people around the world to connect with their loved ones by giving them gifts for any gifting occasion. How? By allowing them to show their appreciation, love, and joy by endowing people in their lives with amazing quality jewelry, lying over thoughtfully written words that they will cherish forever.

We've been working with a well-established USA vertical fulfillment jewelry company where we are able to care about our creativity for you, as they take care of the rest for us. This way you get the best from both worlds – thoughtful, personalized, customized products and products that are handcrafted, ethical, with the highest quality in the market, packed and shipped with love from USA or EU.

With this connection, we have the strength to send out gifts super fast! Gifts that you will want to share and they will love to receive. Gifts that will connect all of us and let every generation in this world see – our world is a loved world where all the magic is contained in our meaningful relationships.

Is this the kind of world you would love to live in as well? Start gifting today - with Adosum.